Demon a Day


Every day I'll draw a demon. Through exercise, I'll exorcize.

Demon day 220.

Demon day 219. Grasshopper wearing heels

Demon day 219. Yeah um yuck.

Demon day 218. Yeah huh!

Demon day 217. “oooh I juice with kale and I don’t play candy crush.” “ooooh I love pour over coffee and don’t play candy crush.” “ooooooh Mercury’s in retrograde and I don’t play candy crush.” Ugh who doesn’t play candy crush, queens?

Demon day 216. I didn’t really. Put a check mark in the “lies” column


Demon day 215. 

Demon day 214. Charm.

Demon day 213. Let’s take a class called “Loud Singing All Together Wearing Blood Red Robes”

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