Demon a Day


Every day I'll draw a demon. Through exercise, I'll exorcize.

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The demon of personalizing, of letting the ooze penetrate your eggshell, of climbing down into someone else’s hole and being mad that they pulled you there. They didn’t. Spit that stuff out and feel as good as you can.

The demon of growing up and trying to be a good person and trying as hard as you can not to but still, you do. You always do.

Demon of turning your computer away subtly

Demon of it turns out I am not stronger than Facebook. Demon of dead phone.

Demon day get your thoughts together and go to a forest.

The demon of the day is bragging.

Demon day tired of this shit. Demon day will I even do anything about it

The demon of propriety. The demon of presence. The demon of wiping your mouth with your napkin.

Demon of anticipation

Demon day tired.

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